Our main objective is to remain continually at the forefront of our industry. We have always developed our machines and tools according to the needs of the customers to provide them the best quality products. Our satisfaction lies in the success of projects carried out jointly with our customers.

Our approach of manufacturing comes from a long-standing tradition of Swiss precision and a passion for engineering. Our team takes account of these attitudes in the development, design, production and service of each PEMAMO product.

Expandables hones starting at Ø 0,6 mm.

Manual expansion apparatus.

Manual and semi-automatic honing machines.

Automatic honing machine with 1 or 2 spindles.

Automatic honing machine with a linear motor.

Adaptation of the machine to receive an automatic loading / unloading system.

Adaptation of the machine to receive a measurement system.

Turnkey projects.

Operator training.

Running tests.

Technical support.

High precision honing operations, even within 1 µm, can be achieved by untrained operators after minimal instruction (½ day).

Achievable surface finish of Ra 0,025 µm in hard or soft materials with the same hone.

Repeatability within 1 µm even during manual honing operations.

All honeable materials can be machined with the same hone.

Exceptional tool life.

Expandable hones starting at Ø 0,6 mm.

Due to the nature of our hones and our revolutionary micrometric expansion system (manual or with electronic control), holes with an interrupted cut or with keyways can be honed without difficulty. Two separate aligned holes, even with different diameters can be honed at the same time.

No deformation of thin walled workpieces.

Extremely short preparation time and quick tool changeover.

Hones, apparatus and machines require minimum maintenance.

All hones above Ø 3 mm can be reutilised after recoating.

Special hones manufactured according to specifications.

Exceptional flexibility.

Outstanding price / performance relationship.

Services and advises from experienced personnel.

PEMAMO SA is founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of honing machines and tooling for high precision.

Following the development by a talented mechanical engineer in the 70’s, a radical new method for expanding the hone was developed.

PEMAMO SA has built a network of qualified agents, complimentary in their field of high precision. The collaboration of its 30 agents in 25 countries allows PEMAMO SA to develop machines and honing tools to achieve incomparable precision.

The success of PEMAMO SA is based on the development of our specific expandable honing system. The company offers today a wide range of products. It consists of tools, apparatus, automatic or semi-automatic machines to meet the lower micron tolerances.

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