MVR 060 AT

Honing range Ø 0,6 - 2,5 mm

Honing length 0 - 16 mm

Spindle speed 2'000 - 7'000 RPM

Automatic expansion system (1 à 120 sec/0,01 mm)

Automatic loading and unloading during the honing cycle

Rotating table with 4 positions

Automatic centering of the clamping unit

Measuring station with auto-size compensation for tool wear

Secure enclosed working area

Automatic filter unit

Weight ~ 550 kg

Dimensions 1'300 x 1'100 x 1'840 mm

Production machine for high precision.

Automatic expansion system allows a repeatability of the final size within 1 µm.

Specific floating cardan developed according to applications.

Automatic pre inspection of the bore prior to insertion of the hone.

Automatic loading / unloading of the tool.

Small tools are protected by a friction–clutch system.

Control panel of measuring station showing production statistics.

Automatic pre selection of parts: suitable / unsuitable to machine.