MVRL 160

1 or 2 spindles

Honing range Ø 1,0 - 70 mm

Honing length 0 - 340 mm

Spindle speed 50 - 8'000 RPM

Automatic expansion system (2 - 240 sec/0,01 mm)

Standard table with normalized T slots

Rotating table with 2, 4 or 6 positions

Cooler positioned so that the heat does not influence the other modules

65 litres oil tank with 10 µm filter paper and 5 µm filter cartridge

Rotating electrical cabinet mounted on left or right side to suit customer access

Weight to ~ 1'700 kg

Dimensions 1'900 x 900 x 2'200 mm

Production machine for high precision.

Automatic expansion allows a repeatability of the final size within 1 µm.

Specific floating cardan developed according to applications.

Honing movement driven by a linear motor.

Visual help function to correct the geometries.

Possibility to introduce and / or retract the hone in rotation.

Small tools are protected by a friction–clutch system.

Automatic paper tape filter unit combined with cartridge filter unit